Why ESP Integration Helps You Create More Successful Sweepstakes

Email Acquisition Mar 19, 2016

Quickly Reaching Your New Audience = Higher Quality Leads

An email list is valuable only if you can engage with to sell product or direct a reader towards content. Giveaways are a cost-effective way to build a large, quality list. Working with partner brands whose audience represents target customers keeps list quality high.

What’s often overlooked, though, is that speed is a major factor in list quality.

The longer you wait, the staler your message becomes to a potential customer. Digging through a busy inbox, they may forget who you are and unsubscribe.

Speed through ESP Integrations

Integrating your giveaway with your email service provider (ESP) solves this problem.

With an ESP integration, each entry goes to your ESP, instantly triggering an email. Someone who has just entered your giveaway will have your logo fresh in their mind. This makes it easier to capture their attention and increases awareness of your brand.

Brand awareness is a foundation for engagement, increases page traffic and over time can create revenue.

How ESP Integrations Work

An ESP Integration is a piece of code that connects your email service provider to your campaign’s entry form. This means that the email address of every person who enters the giveaway will go directly to your ESP.

Glossary: ESP or email service provider: the service you use to send automated emails to your audience.

Some ESPs will let you choose what list these emails go to. You can also create a welcome email to send as soon as that email address hits your list. Hosts will receive emails immediately upon entry. Partners receive entries on a random basis every 2 hours to keep things to keep things fair. Another perk of hosting a campaign!

Doing this also saves you the time it takes to download your entries and then upload each .csv file into your ESP.

Pro Tip: If you're going to download entries, make sure to upload them to your ESP in small batches. Never upload a massive list into your ESP.

Setting up an ESP Integration

If it sounds too technical, fear not. DojoMojo will do the legwork for you. While creating your giveaway in the Campaign Builder, you’ll see an Integrations tab. This page contains integrations for many ESPs (as well as tools like Salesforce).

To add an integration, click the icon for your ESP. Depending on which ESP you use, you'll either integrate yourself or request one and we’ll build it for you. We also offer custom callback instructions on that page if you’d like to set up your own.

You only need to set up the integration once — it will remain in place for all future campaigns.

Welcoming Your New List

An Onboarding Drip is a series of marketing or educational emails sent to potential new customers. These are essential for effective giveaways. A well-executed drip helps drive entrants towards your content or a purchasing decision.

We recommend a basic series of emails:

Check out our blog post on how to build a welcome series of emails for more information about what kind of content to include in your onboarding emails.

Want to learn more about building a quality email list? Contact us at support@dojomojo.com.