SMS 101: Collecting Subscribers, and What To Do Once You've Got Them

SMS Marketing Apr 1, 2021

Have you thought about adding SMS marketing to your inbound strategy, but stopped short due to compliance constraints? Or perhaps you aren't sure where you can even begin to capture those coveted phone numbers? Don't worry. We'll cover the top three ways to start collecting phone numbers for your SMS marketing program.

Run a sweepstakes

Nowadays, it's not merely a matter of acquiring new customers, but also finding inventive ways to make sure customers stay and continue to engage with you. Combining your sweepstakes, and following up with personalized SMS marketing messages can achieve both goals. With a sweepstake, reach out to your existing audience and current email subscribers to start building out your SMS strategy. Not only will running a sweepstake engage them, but you can also lead them towards your phone contact list to reach them through text messages later on.

Capture subscribers when they check out of your e-commerce store

For customers who come through your online store, the checkout section is another optimal place to move the needle on your subscriber growth. When they check out, your customer is already filling out a form with their information about their account and billing. As they work their way through the checkout process, present the option to opt in to SMS marketing alerts. Just as you would capture their permission to send alerts about their order updates or shipping notifications, you'll also need to capture their consent to send promotional messages via SMS.

Use a website pop-up to invite SMS opt-ins

Don't forget about the traffic coming through your website! Let automated, optimized lightboxes – a website pop-up– capture information (and permissions for SMS alerts!) from prospective customers. To grab their attention, present an offer they can't refuse and make it available through opting in to SMS marketing alerts. As always, give a clear call-to-action, and per TCPA laws, clearly state opt-in language and disclosures in your opt-in options.

Return Value to Your Subscribers

Setting up these acquisition methods is not enough alone. When capturing SMS subscribers, you’ll need to be prepared to give something back to them. Consumers will want to know what's in it before they even join your program. To pair with your lightboxes, forms, and sweepstakes, ensure your SMS marketing program gives your subscribers added value. For starters, here are some ideas:

Treat SMS subscribers as VIPs

Brands who are most successful are the ones who provide the most value and transparency back to their customers. More often than not, customers tend to prefer SMS over email because it's unobtrusive, and it's something they intentionally opted in to and are eager to engage with you.

One of the best ways to incentivize SMS subscribers to join your contact list is to roll out the red carpet for them. Satisfy their interest by making them VIP customers– you could give them early and exclusive access to the latest updates, products, and news through text messages.

Follow through on your offer for joining your contact list

If you capture a consumer's consent through a promotion or an incentive offered on your website pop-up or landing page, stick the landing and immediately deliver that offer in your welcome text. Think of it as a way to thank their willingness to subscribe and honoring your promise for joining your SMS marketing program. Your offer could be a discount on a first-time purchase, a percentage off their order, or promote other bonuses and gifts at checkout.

Use SMS to build community and your brand experience

Today, it's not all about the best price or best marketing. Many consumers expect brands to deliver even more than just a great product. Part of their brand experience includes many actions before their purchase, including research, shopping, and comparing competitors. As SMS is a direct route to your prospective customers, it's an opportunity to connect and engage with them in more personalized ways than you could have over email or traditional advertising channels.

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