Case Study: How SMS Marketing Helped Purlisse Achieve a 6.9K ROAS

SMS Marketing Apr 14, 2021


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Founded by Jennifer Yen, Purlisse was created to bring a new approach to the beauty industry; one that combines the power of modern science and philosophy with the Asian wisdom and beauty secrets that Yen learned from her own grandmother. By working with some of the best labs and chemists across the world, including Korea, France, and America, Purlisse has developed gentle-yet-effective beauty and skincare products that are rooted in results.

The Challenge: Identify New Channel to Reach Untapped Customers

As brands look for ways to overcome consumer email fatigue, they realize that it’s critical to explore new communication channels. SMS has quickly taken the spotlight as an effective strategy, with statistics showing, for example, that text messages have an 90% average open rate (email, on the other hand, tends to hover around 20%).

Looking for a new marketing channel to engage with customers in a more direct way that could increase overall ROAS, Purlisse was interested in trying out SMS.

“We wanted to increase our revenue and reach people who were not being reached by email,” says Ashley Reuben, Social Media & Marketing Manager at Purlisse. “Texts are so easily accessible to most people, so we were excited to give this a try — and we’re glad we did!”

The Solution: Collecting Mobile Numbers and Tapping into Text Message Marketing

Purlisse decided to test out DojoMojo’s SMS Marketing feature in September 2020 to see how a robust SMS marketing strategy could help elevate the brand’s marketing efforts and create a more direct line of communication with customers.

“We plan our monthly marketing calendars in advance, and then coordinate our SMS strategy with our promotions, emails, etc.” says Reuben. For example, Purlisse was able to double down on marketing around the holiday season by sending occasion-specific SMS marketing messages to their audience that  helped them capture additional sales by reaching more customers on traditionally high-performing sales days.

The Results: Achieving 6.9K ROAS with SMS Marketing

In the months since Purlisse first adopted SMS Marketing (between September 2020 and March 2021), the brand has seen a significant return with SMS campaigns and revenue driven by lightbox acquisitions making up an impressive 6.9K ROAS. Since implementing DojoMojo’s onsite signup form, the brand was able to swiftly acquire new SMS leads and expand its marketing audience significantly.

“Our SMS marketing strategy is going really well so far!” says Reuben. “DojoMojo came to us at just the right time.”

Ashley Reuben, Social Media & Marketing Manager