Case Study: How YENSA Drove Over 3K Conversions Through On-site Visits

Customer Stories Sep 2, 2021


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The benefits of superfoods are most commonly touted when it comes to our diets and what goes into our body. What we don’t talk about as frequently, though, is how effective superfoods can be when applied onto the body, too. That’s where YENSA comes in.

YENSA is a global cosmetic brand that combines the power of superfoods with proven Asian beauty rituals to create high-performance products to promote a healthy, glowing complexion and celebrate diversity in the process.

The Challenge: Capturing and Engaging with Leads Acquired Through Site Visits

YENSA realized that there was a missed opportunity in capturing leads directly from site visits. The brand was interested in creating a convenient, effective method for capturing leads from site visits. More importantly, YENSA wanted a lead acquisition method that would best support future marketing efforts by capturing information that would facilitate a direct line of communication with prospective customers.

The Solution: Using DojoMojo’s Pop-up Feature to Capture Prospective Customers

To effectively capture leads, YENSA decided to use DojoMojo’s onsite signup form to create an opportunity for site visitors to signup for marketing promotions. One of the big benefits of DojoMojo website forms is that they seamlessly integrate with the platform’s SMS Marketing product. That is, in addition to capturing email addresses as most traditional lightboxes do, our DojoMojo lightboxes allow brands to capture fully-compliant mobile phone numbers that are then stored within the brand’s account on DojoMojo. By using DojoMojo’s acquisition feature, YENSA would be able to move towards a robust SMS marketing strategy thanks to the ability to capture new mobile leads.

YENSA incentivized users to input their information by offering a 10% off coupon code for opting into messages from the brand. The brand opted for a multi-step lightbox, which captures information from visitors in multiple steps so as not to intimidate them with too many input fields right off the bat. YENSA started by requesting users’ email addresses before adding a field for mobile numbers on the second form page.

The Results: Acquire New SMS Leads and Achieving a 27.2% Conversion Rate

In just under four months — between September 2020 and March 2021 — YENSA’s activation of the onsite form was a key driver in acquiring new subscribers, resulting in an impressive email and SMS opt-in rates of 9.9% and 6.9% respectively. YENSA saw a 27.2% conversion rate in sales through its newly acquired customers.

The best part is that the major boost in signups and revenue came as the product of a simple, seamless setup process for YENSA. “It was very easy,” says Ashley Reuben, Social Media & Marketing Manager. “DojoMojo helped us throughout the whole process!”