Case Study: How Sweepstakes Brought in 1.5mm Emails for Condé Nast

Partnership Marketing Jul 22, 2019


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Condé Nast is one of America’s largest publishing companies, with over 20 brands and media organizations under its umbrella, including household names like GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue, Allure, and Self. Condé Nast operates both print and digital properties, with a combined reach of over 164 million readers.

The Challenge: Find a High-ROI Partnership Marketing Solution

With email newsletters becoming a more important part of media companies' overall digital strategies, Condé Nast was searching for a high-ROI growth solution to grow their online audiences. The company's portfolio brands needed an email acquisition channel that would scale and could be managed easily. DojoMojo allowed Condé Nast to leverage the power of partnership marketing and sweepstakes to accomplish this goal.

Originally, sweepstakes came with a host of challenges; namely, the hunt for effective partners for giveaway campaigns proved arduous and, in many cases, fruitless. As large, well-known entities, the Condé Nast family of brands needed to pre-qualify partners to ensure they were only working with brands that could power high-caliber campaigns and with a high return for each publication. This required an enormous amount of time and effort spent sifting through LinkedIn and vetting inbound partnership requests. For the smaller teams dedicated to partnership marketing, the process proved time-consuming and often ineffective at supporting growth targets.

The Solution: Centralize Operations on DojoMojo

Ten of Condé Nast’s brands turned to DojoMojo to streamline their Partnership Marketing processes. By running their giveaway campaigns on DojoMojo, each brand’s team was able to save time and focus their energies tasks outside of organizing and facilitating partnerships. It makes sense, then, that two of the most attractive features of DojoMojo to the Condé Nast brands are the analytics insights and the partner network. Both of these steps streamline the giveaway process and centralize operations and make executing and managing campaigns simple for even the smallest of teams and the largest of brands.

Joel Pavelski, Director of Audience Development & Social at GQ Magazine, quickly appreciated how DojoMojo was able to save him time throughout the campaign process, saying DojoMojo “[made] every step of the process for setting up a sweeps really simple — from finding partners and negotiating on the promotion to setting minimum entry levels, dealing with the legal jargon, and setting up campaign pages.”

The Results: Over 1.5 Million Emails Acquired from Over 250 Partners

The ten Condé Nast brands that joined DojoMojo cumulatively acquired over 1.5 million emails through partnerships with 250+ partners. Beyond sheer numbers, the acquired leads have also proven to be high-value emails that have added to the engaged readership across Condé Nast publications. Lara Kramer, Senior Manager of Audience Development at Condé Nast Traveler says: “We've found that leads we've earned from sweepstakes tend to be fairly engaged with our newsletter product long term.” It's important to note, as well, that in addition to sweepstakes proving to be an effective email acquisition channel for Condé Nast's family of brands, they also served as a value add for customers who enjoyed the opportunity to enter campaigns.