Case Study: How Kitchenware Brand Caraway Built a 100K Email List Before Launch

Customer Stories Nov 22, 2019


Total emails acquired in a 3-month period


Average NTF (new-to-file) emails per campaign


Unique newly-formed partnerships with brands

Caraway is home goods brand on a mission to craft well-designed, non-toxic ceramic cookware that thoughtfully raises the standards of your go-to kitchenware. The brand creates cooking essentials made with entirely chemical-free materials, and is built on the belief that everyone deserves access to consciously-made everyday products that put their health and wellness first.

Caraway’s premier product line includes a versatile and thoughtful 4-piece cookware set that seeks to cut back on the standard-but-excessive 16-piece sets that are most common in the market today. In addition, Caraway brings additional value to its offering with an innovative and proprietary storage solution that allows customers to easily store the product into their cabinets. The intuitive system includes magnetic pan racks that eliminate the need for haphazard stacking and make each pan easily accessible. A corresponding lid holder also makes the most use of vacant cabinet door space to nest the three lids.

All in all, Caraway is all about providing clean, minimalistic cookware with a luxury feel and conscious construction at an affordable price.

The Challenge: Pre-Launch Growth

Caraway joined DojoMojo on June 20th, 2019. The brand's primary goal was to acquire a list of active and engaged emails which would allow them to scale exponentially ahead of their official product launch in the fall of 2019. Additionally, because Caraway was targeting a millennial-focused demographic, they were looking for a way to effectively test marketing strategies using a low-cost acquisition strategy.

While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are well-optimized channels for millennial-focused audiences, they are also pretty costly, particularly when a newly-launched business is in a testing phase and has a long way to go before optimizing its conversion funnels. For Caraway, it was important to develop an effective marketing strategy before allocating a larger marketing budget. One thing that was unique to partnering with DojoMojo is that our partnerships platform allows brands to acquire leads at a remarkably low cost per email, which in turn lends itself to incredibly cost-effective content testing. Because Caraway's primary focus was to utilize DojoMojo as a pre-launch audience acquisition growth driver, our platform gave Caraway the tools it needed to cultivate a qualified audience of prospective customers that could be marketed to upon launch, which would then allow them to fuel their growth from the ground up.

The Solution: Accelerated Growth Through Prizing and Hosting

Caraway’s strategy for email acquisition on DojoMojo was two-fold. Firstly, Caraway positioned themselves as a prizing partner on the platform. Prizing partners are responsible for providing the majority of the prize of a sweepstakes, which they may do as an alternative to promoting that sweepstakes to a wider audience. Because one of the key benefits of a sweepstakes is the cross-pollination of audiences between brands, serving as a prizing partner allows new brands, like Caraway, to position themselves as attractive partners despite their lack of audience. In other words, by serving as a prizing partner, Caraway was able to eliminate the need to promote the giveaway to an existing audience but was still given the opportunity to acquire emails from partners.

Once a healthy email list had been built, and their presence on the platform was established, Caraway pivoted to primarily hosted campaigns. By taking full responsibility of owning the campaign—building the campaign landing pages, designing creative assets, and securing partners—Caraway was able to attract much larger, like-minded brands on the DojoMojo network, which accelerated their growth exponentially.

The Results: 100K Leads in 3 Months

Through partnership marketing, Caraway crossed the prestigious 100,000 emails acquired milestone in their 9th campaign in late August 2019, after only three months on the DojoMojo platform. From their newly-formed partnerships, Caraway averaged over 10,000 NTF (new-to-file) emails acquired per sweepstakes. To date, Caraway utilized the DojoMojo Partner Network to work with 95 unique partners on sweepstakes, allowing them to reach new audiences, forge meaningful partnerships, and grow their business all before officially launching their new eCommerce product line.

Like any new eCommerce brand, creating a voice and understanding the tone which resonates is vital. As Caraway’s email list grew, they tried and tested multiple welcome series to find the right content to engage their audience. Caraway cultivated a readily engaged audience, who understood their brand, and was primed to convert once the product line was officially launched.

Caraway officially launched on November 5th, 2019. They successfully leveraged their new email audience to drive brand awareness, promote loyalty behavior and offer exclusive promotions for their highly engaged users at launch.