Case Study: How Uses Partnership Giveaways to Capture Text Messaging Subscribers, and Activate its Social Audience

Customer Stories Feb 25, 2021


Conversion rate (CVR) to text sign-up
 for its giveaway


Conversion rate (CVR) to NTF emails
 for its giveaway


Overall social 
follower growth believes pets are family and deserve to be treated that way. After feeling frustrated by the lack of quality and beautiful pet products, it set out to create fashionable, well-made, and functional pet products that are worthy of your family and fit for your home.

The Challenge had some success acquiring and engaging customers through its social platforms but wanted to find more efficient ways to grow. also heard about the many positive benefits of text messaging campaigns and was eager to try it. Intent on gaining new-to-file (NTF) emails and building out its SMS marketing program, the pet accessory brand looked for an all-in-one solution that would perform and measure both its acquisition and engagement efforts.

The Solution had previously participated as a partner on another brand's giveaway on DojoMojo, and it found great success acquiring new emails and new SMS contacts through DojoMojo's partnership network. And, after hearing about the high conversion rates seen in the text messages compared to other marketing channels, thought it was "a good time to dip its paws in the water with DojoMojo's SMS marketing offerings."

The Strategy & Approach

The pet brand was very selective with who it worked with on its giveaways – it purposefully chose pet-related brands to curate a focused, pet-lovers audience. Using DojoMojo's Post-Entry Conversion Action feature, set up its sweepstakes to compliantly capture text messaging opt-ins and began collating its SMS marketing list.

Knowing that its sweepstakes leads were likely pet-lovers, offered a 15% discount on its pet products for signing up for marketing texts. To further treat its SMS subscribers like VIPs, promoted exclusive updates on its latest styles and products available only through the mobile channel.

The Results: drove over 30% CVRs – meaning 30% of people who entered one of its giveaways signed up for its SMS marketing program. Plus, more than 70% of its giveaway entrants were NTF email contacts, showing that its audience is willing to engage with through multiple channels.

The greatest surprise was that through DojoMojo's built-in giveaway Social Actions, supercharged its Twitter following and activity, the platform where it previously lacked followers. After joining DojoMojo and participating in open partnership opportunities, its Twitter followers grew by thousands–growing the list by 10x!

"We love DojoMojo, and we're so glad we joined. Our social followers continue to see a huge surge, and these new followers are very engaged. When we were ready to try our own sweepstakes, it was so handy to have one platform where we could gain NTF emails, SMS subscribers, and social activity, all of which we could conveniently measure."

— Katelyn Buck, Marketing Specialist