Case Study: How Purlisse Supercharged Black Friday Sales Through SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Mar 2, 2021


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Founded by Jennifer Yen, Purlisse was created to bring a new approach to the beauty industry; one that combines the power of modern science and philosophy with the Asian wisdom and beauty secrets that Yen learned from her own grandmother. By working with some of the best labs and chemists across the world, including Korea, France, and America, Purlisse has developed gentle-yet-effective beauty and skincare products that are rooted in results.

The Challenge: Doubling Down on Black Friday Momentum

Black Friday is always a busy time for brands, so when it comes to revving up revenue generation, being strategic about seasonal marketing after Thanksgiving could be the way to go. To maximize Black Friday sales and double down on the seasonal momentum, Purlisse was interested in identifying a new marketing channel that could be used to deliver personalized, high-return campaigns to more potential customers.

The Solution: Leveraging Direct Power of SMS Marketing to Drive Conversions

To cut through the heavy email promotions and flooded inboxes that typically come with Black Friday sales, Purlisse decided to leverage SMS to maximize campaign performance. “Emails can easily get lost,” says Ashley Reuben, Purlisse’s Social Media & Marketing Manager. “We wanted something to reach customers in a new way.” SMS gave Purlisse a more direct line of communication with customers that could encourage faster action and a higher probability of driving conversions.

The Results: Driving Over 60 Conversions Through Black Friday SMS Campaign

Purlisse saw a strong return on the Black Friday SMS campaign with 66 total conversions driven from the blast. Through the campaign, Purlisse was able to see a strong return through quicker, more targeted outreach than is possible through other marketing channels. Purlisse also created a sense of urgency through a limited-time 25% off promo, which further helped increase conversion rate on their Black Friday campaign.

Working with DojoMojo to set up the campaign was a very easy experience,” says Reuben. “They help with suggestions and are always there to answer any questions we have.”

— Ashley Reuben, Social Media & Marketing Manager