How to Gain Valuable Insights into Your DojoMojo Campaigns

E-Commerce Dec 18, 2018

One of the most important tools a marketer can have is one that can collect and assess data to measure the value of their efforts. How effective are my campaigns? Are they driving sales? What is the ROI?

A client of ours recently discovered the value of their campaigns on DojoMojo by integrating with Shopify to collect data they otherwise had not been able to collect.

About the Client

reBloom is a company focused on health and wellness. Their product is an all-natural sleep aid that is clinically proven to help people relax. In addition, they maintain a blog and newsletter with tips and trends for staying healthy emotionally and physically.

A Need for Data

Through DojoMojo reBloom successfully acquired over 600K emails for their email distribution list. However, they didn’t really have enough data to know what their efforts were yielding. reBloom’s team was looking to gain tangible data that would help them measure the impact DojoMojo emails and campaigns had on their revenue. They were looking to answer questions around:

  • How much revenue has been generated from DojoMojo-acquired emails?
  • What is the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for those leads and sales?
  • How effective are DojoMojo campaigns compared to other paid efforts?

To get answers to these questions, they installed DojoMojo’s Shopify integration (also available with Stripe). This integration allowed DojoMojo to collect purchase data enabling reBloom to gain insights on partnership performance and customer behaviors.

What reBloom Learned

Thanks to the Shopify integration, reBloom collected measurable data on their marketing efforts and a deeper understanding of what works for their brand. Key insights include:

  • Customer behaviors such as repeat customers and purchase frequency
  • Partnerships and campaigns which resulted in leads and conversions
  • Potential future partnerships to explore based on purchase data
  • A cost-per-acquisition (CPA) analysis which showed a 75% lower CPA on DojoMojo in comparison to other paid channels
  • The customer Life Time Value (LTV) of a DojoMojo-acquired customer

The reBloom team discovered that they earned $146K in sales from customers acquired through DojoMojo. This represents a 497% ROI since using DojoMojo in 2015.

By gaining a better understanding of partnership performance and customer behavior, reBloom is now able to make data-driven decisions for optimizing their marketing spend and strategy. With these insights in hand, identifying future partnerships and designing effective campaigns that maximize ROI is made much easier.


The Importance of Data

With the addition of this integration, the reBloom team is able to assess the value of the campaigns and partnerships that they’ve been investing in for the past three years.

Without the right data and understanding of what drives your revenue, conversions can feel like a shot in the dark when it comes to measuring the impact of marketing efforts.

DojoMojo wants to make sure all customers have access to this powerful data for themselves. The Shopify and Stripe integration will give you access to tools that can measure ROI by reporting on revenue generation while offering insights on customer behavior, as well as the efficacy of your campaigns and partnerships acquired through DojoMojo.

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