How DojoMojo is the Key to Unlocking High-ROI Growth for Brands

High-ROI Growth Mar 15, 2017

In a world of viral social campaigns and 10-second videos, it can be hard to deliver a cohesive, customized, and impactful message to customers. Now more than ever, getting personal has its merits and that means reaching them in their inbox. Email is still the most important marketing channel, and here’s why:

Meet them where they already are

It’s simple: most internet users are email users. Email is by far the most used application on both desktop and mobile devices. Over 125 billion emails are sent every day.

It’s a great opportunity for income via advertisements
Even if you don’t have a physical product to sell, there are advertising dollars to be made. Ads placed in an email newsletter can be targeted towards each specific reader’s interests or location to further entice customers to click through.

It pays to be personal

The real asset of email marketing is that it is a powerful tool for driving customer conversion. A customer is six times more likely to click on a link through an email campaign than a social media one.

At the end of the day, it’s about the bottom line

Email’s lively conversions yields a whopping average of 3,800% return on investment. That’s $38 return on investment for ever $1 spent.

We get it - email is great, but how do I grow my list

Partnership marketing can help you acquire quality new emails leads by having brands with similar demographics work together on different kinds of campaigns to share their audiences. Not sure exactly what partnership marketing is? Think of an athleisure brand and a company that makes designer yoga mats each including a short insert in their packaging about the other company. Their shared audience makes this a simple and cost-effective way for both brands to acquire new customers.

DojoMojo is the only platform that brings together thousands of brands in one place so anyone can find the perfect perfect partner for their next marketing initiative. It’s never been easier to build a sweepstakes with our simple editor (no developer required), or kick off a content, advertising, or box insert exchange. Sign up for a 30 day free trial today to see how simple it can be to start growing your business with partnership marketing and sweepstakes on DojoMojo.