Case Study: How Wanderfull Leveraged Advertising Opportunities in Half the Time

Content Swaps Feb 14, 2019


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Founded by four world travelers, Wanderfull is an email newsletter that highlights exotic destinations and adventurous activities. Designed to fuel the wanderlust of travelers everywhere, Wanderfull is a weekly newsletter that focuses on one destination each week, providing a deep dive into each locale with information on where to go, where to eat, and what to do. Accompanied by stunning travel photography, Wanderfull highlights unique places to stay and exciting experiences, and also features suggested travel gear and travel lnstagram accounts to follow for even more travel inspiration.

The Challenge: Securing Advertisers Through Outbound Sales

As a media company, Wanderfull's revenue comes from advertising sales. Traditionally, those sales are sourced primarily through an outbound sales process, involving hours of LinkedIn and Google searches and hundreds of cold emails and calls to find buyers interested in purchasing different advertising packages. As a small company without a dedicated salesperson, the Wanderfull team's bandwidth was stretched extremely thin by the time required to find advertisers. This detracted from their core mission of providing carefully-curated travel content to their subscribers.

The Solution: Accelerated Growth Through Prizing and Hosting

DojoMojo's brand network brings together decision makers from different companies, making it the ideal place to find advertisers and other partners. The Opportunities feature allows brands to post partnership marketing needs for other brands to respond to. Almost any kind of partnership can be featured including content swaps, prizing participation, dedicated email sales, e-commerce box insert swaps, or a custom Opportunity for a specific need, like sponsorship for an upcoming event. This allows brands to receive inbound interest from advertisers, rather than relying on outbound sales.

Wanderfull posted an Opportunity on DojoMojo looking to sell dedicated emails. In their post, Wanderfull shared that they'd be a great fit for companies in the travel, wellness, and beauty industries with a female-centric brand looking to leverage Wanderfull's 250,000-person list to reach a new audience. They included a detailed profile of their audience and demographic in order to help secure an ideal like-minded partner.

The Results: Dedicated Email with Sole Serum

Sole Serum, a company that produces a natural lotion that relieves foot pain, used Opportunities to search for brands who may be a good fit for their demographic, list size, and budget. They responded to Wanderfull's post and had a quick call to discuss additional details and finalize a deal. On the surface, the two brands — a travel newsletter and a pain relief lotion — don't seem to be the perfect fit, but this partnership is the perfect example of how certain factors such as list size and demographic can help pull two brands together and open a dialogue from which a viable positioning can be established. In this case, the brands realized that travelers tend to do a great deal of sightseeing, which in turn means a lot of time spent on your feet. With that narrative to go along with Sole Serum's inclusion in Wanderfull's newsletter, this ad was able to feel well-aligned and natural within the newsletter and was a great way to pitch Sole Serum's value to the unique Wanderfull reader.

Sole Serum ultimately paid Wanderfull $1,800 for a dedicated email that reached 250,000 new readers. Meanwhile, Wanderfull saved hours of time and still found an on-brand advertiser for their newsletter.