Case Study: How reBloom Attributed $146K in Revenue to DojoMojo Leads Through Shopify Insights

Partnership Marketing Nov 20, 2018


Total sweepstakes with well-aligned partners


Total NTF (new-to-file) emails acquired


Total sales revenue from DojoMojo-acquired leads


Total ROI represented by DojoMojo-driven conversions

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The Challenge: Understanding Value of Newly-Acquired Emails

By joining DojoMojo and engaging in over 76 total sweepstakes with well-aligned partners, reBloom successfully acquired over 600K — more than half a million — emails, each representing a new prospective customer. Still, the brand needed to understand how their newly-acquired emails were translating to sales in order to better qualify their DojoMojo-generated leads. In order to assess the return on their NTF emails, reBloom wanted to answer three primary questions: 1) How much revenue were DojoMojo-acquired emails generating?, 2) What was the CPA for DojoMojo-acquired customers?, and 3) How did this channel compare to other marketing channels?

The Solution: Determining Revenue Generated from DojoMojo-Acquired Leads

To begin auditing their new leads, reBloom utilized DojoMojo's Shopify integration which would help provide commerce data corresponding to DojoMojo email acquisitions. Through this integration, reBloom could collect detailed and insightful information regarding partnership performance and customer behavior, including: number of conversions; number of repeat customers; partners and campaigns that drove the highest leads and conversions; and customer LTV. This information would then not only help reBloom retroactively assess the quality of previously-acquired leads, but could also drive reBloom's partnership strategy moving forward by giving insights into the types of campaigns and partners that generate the most high-intent leads for their brand.

The Results: High ROI and $146K in Sales

Through their use of DojoMojo's Shopify integration, reBloom was able to successfully attribute an impressive $146K in sales to DojoMojo-acquired customers. All in all, a total of 4,600 conversions between December 2015 and September 2018 represented an impressive 497% ROI for the brand through our marketing platform.Within the total emails converted by reBloom, more than 73% are already in the DojoMojo network via 356 other brands. Furthermore, DojoMojo helped drive sales at a $6.40 CPA, which was 75% lower than reBloom's average paid channel CPA ($11.25). reBloom's findings also found that the average LTV of a DojoMojo-acquired customer for their brand was $61.

By turning to DojoMojo's Shopify integration, reBloom was able to gather meaningful insights regarding its lead acquisition on the platform. Moreover, it was able to use those insights to optimize ROI on future campaigns through more strategic and informed campaign planning. The results of the assessment clearly demonstrated DojoMojo's value as a long-term growth and sales tool for reBloom as it continues to scale!