Case Study: How Wine Awesomeness Grew Social Following Nearly 6x with DojoMojo's 'Social Growth' Feature

Social Growth Aug 3, 2017


New social followers acquired across channels


Overall growth in social following across channels


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Wine Awesomeness makes wine accessible to millennials with a curated wine delivery subscription service and blog, thebacklabel. Subscribers receive a mix of either a 3- or 6-pack of wines each month, and each shipment is an editorialized adventure through a theme, trend, or educational concept in the wine world. Customers can also discover wines from around the world without subscribing by picking out their favorite bottles in the online wine shop. Whether it's a deep dive into overlooked Eastern European wines, a selection of bottles perfect for BBQ, or a month devoted to showcasing the work of female winemakers, Wine Awesomeness aims to bring new and exciting wines to their customers.

The Challenge: Building an Engaged Social Following

Wine Awesomeness used sweepstakes to grow their email list by 650,000 subscribers over the past year, enabling them to reach a much wider audience of potential customers. As a brand seeking to connect with millennials and their purchasing power, they wanted to expand their social media presence to engage with this growing audience audience. In particular, they wanted to start creating video content to showcase their brand identity. But as start-up with a limited budget, Wine Awesomeness needed a strategy that could accelerate social growth without a social media advertising budget.

The Solution: Utilizing the 'Social Growth' Feature on DojoMojo

The Social Growth feature on DojoMojo takes the difficulty and challenge out of building a brand’s digital audience. With Social Growth, brands incentivize sweepstakes entrants to perform actions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat or by downloading an app in exchange for additional entries to increase their chances of winning.

Essential Plan users can choose up to three social actions per campaign and Premium users can use unlimited social actions. On average, 14% of all sweepstakes entrants complete at least one Social Sharing action and 7% complete at least two actions, making Social Growth one of the most powerful features in sweepstakes marketing.

As a Premium User, Wine Awesomeness was able to strategically select which channels they wanted to grow, and then host campaigns to drive social media follows and shares in addition to acquiring more emails. Hosts have ultimate control over Social Growth, which is why Wine Awesomeness sought to host as much as possible. To reach a younger audience and portray their brand in a fun and creative way, Wine Awesomeness decided to build their engagement efforts around video. To emphasize their video content, they promoted Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter as their selected actions.

The Results: Total Social Follower Growth of 489% Across Channels

Before beginning to use Social Growth, Wine Awesomeness had 80 YouTube subscribers, 5,819 Instagram followers, and 6,047 Twitter followers. After 24 campaigns using Social Growth, they were able to acquire 24,981 YouTube subscribers, 34,015 Instagram followers, and 23,353 Twitter followers.

Perhaps most impressive — and most aligned with their content strategy — is the 31,126% increase in YouTube followers. YouTube is a notoriously difficult audience to grow due to its lack of emphasis on subscribing, which makes Wine Awesomeness’ success all the more remarkable. With almost 30,000 average views per month, Wine Awesomeness has been able to use video content creation to create a meaningful new platform to engage with users and promote their product.