Case Study: How Crush Newsletter Acquired 136K Emails Through Partnerships

Partnership Marketing Nov 7, 2018


NTF (new to file) emails acquired through sweepstakes

9 months

Time to grow list from zero leads to over 100K


Total partners collaborated with on campaigns

Crush is a weekly curated email publication that focuses on designers, fashion trends, and whatever news is gripping the world of women’s fashion. Created with millennial women in mind, Crush is the perfect weekly fashion newsletter to keep up with the fast-moving fashion landscape. Each issue focuses on one designer, accompanied by stunning pictures of their creations. Crush’s weekly issue also includes beautiful items to buy, new collections, and beauty tips and tricks.

The Challenge: Starting from Zero with Limited Marketing Budget

As a new media entity, Crush needed to grow their audience quickly in order to be able to realize revenue from ad sales, partnerships, and affiliate deals. Crush considered using social media advertising or building a referral program to grow their email list size, but as a startup operating with a small team, they lacked the capital or engineering resources to accomplish those goals. Instead, they needed a low-cost solution to acquire new emails and readers at a rapid and steady pace.

The Solution: Email Acquisition Through Carefully-Curated Sweepstakes Campaigns

Giveaways offered several advantages over other growth strategies. By targeting partners in the travel and media industries, Crush was able to achieve growth and acquire the emails of people they knew would be a natural fit for the type of content they were producing. Most importantly, giveaways offered a high ROI compared to other solutions, as the only investment needed was a subscription to DojoMojo.

The Results: Going from Zero Emails to 136K New Leads

By joining and hosting sweepstakes, Crush was able to grow their email subscriber list from 0 to 136,370 contacts in just nine months. In that time, Crush participated in a total of ten campaigns, acquiring on average just over 13.6K new emails per sweepstakes.

Crush was also able to use the Partner Network to work with 29 distinct brands over that time period. Access to the Partner Network allowed Crush to reach out to a variety of brands and acquire emails from brands that aligned with their content.