Case Study: How DojoMojo Elite Client 1440 Gained 365K Emails Through Partnerships

Customer Stories Nov 20, 2018


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The 1440 Daily Digest brings its 400,000+ monthly readers all the most important news in a single email. 1440 scours 100+ sources across culture, science, sports, politics, business, and more, packaging everything into a 5-minute read each morning. With a team of experts carefully curating information and news from around the internet, 1440 ensures its readers get the best, most interesting, most relevant content available.

The Challenge: Create an Effective Growth and Email Acquisition Strategy with Limited Resources

As a startup, 1440 faced the all-too-common conundrum of having to grow a brand and audience without necessarily having a large number of resources or bandwidth to dedicate to the task. To expand their media brand to a place where they could monetize it, 1440 first needed to establish a sustainable email acquisition funnel that could be both effective and easy to manage.

To do that, 1440 turned to ​DojoMojo Elite​. These customers benefit from having DojoMojo's team of partnerships specialists find partners and create sweepstakes on their behalf, making it extremely useful to smaller teams with limited bandwidth.

By utilizing DojoMojo Elite, 1440 could tap into the power of sweepstakes and giveaways to accelerate list growth. More importantly, the brand could do so in such a way that leaves the hard work to the experts – the DojoMojo Elite team – without having to exhaust internal resources on navigating the unfamiliar (at least at the onset) territory of partnership marketing.

The Solution: Outsource Partnership Marketing and Email Acquisition to DojoMojo

By joining DojoMojo as an Elite client, 1440 was able to outsource the management of one of its most effective acquisition channels: giveaways. This allowed the young brand to accelerate its growth despite starting out with limited resources and bandwidth across the team. Not only was 1440 able to successfully grow its email list through sweepstakes, but they were also able to gain additional growth insights from established brands in the field that were made more accessible to them via DojoMojo's team of partnerships experts. These insights were then useful for 1440 to apply within the framework of their unique growth initiatives.

The Results: From Reader Acquisition to Audience Monetization

In just a year on the platform, 1440 has managed to work with 120 brands to acquire over 365K emails. As an Elite client, 1440 obtained 145K new emails between August 2017 and March 2018. They then managed to maintain that acquisition momentum in the proceeding months, adding an additional 220K+ emails to their list through over 20 campaigns to date.

“DojoMojo Elite is hands-down the best marketing investment we’ve made as a young bootstrapped company."

Pierre Lipton, COO and co-founder at 1440

As a small brand that didn't have the bandwidth or workforce to manage a partnerships strategy of scale at the onset, 1440 initially saw a considerable payoff from being able to let their partnerships efforts essentially run on autopilot, thanks to the DojoMojo Elite team. From there, they have been able to leverage their early growth to continue monetizing and scaling effectively.

"DojoMojo has provided an unparalleled set of tools and capabilities which allowed us to grow our bottom line," says Lipton. "The Explore function increased our awareness of and comfort within the email marketing industry; sweepstakes have been our most critical source for paid new subscriber acquisition and long-term strategic partnerships; and now, advertising options within the platform allow us to leverage our DojoMojo-grown audience with paying sponsors. In our opinion, the DojoMojo Elite investment is the closest thing to a ‘no-brainer' that exists in the entire marketing ecosystem."