Must-Have Templates to Welcome Your New SMS Subscriber

SMS Marketing Aug 26, 2020

You’ve made a considerable effort to acquire precious phone numbers for your new text message marketing program. Through social media ads, promotional giveaways, decked out landing pages, and perfectly-timed pop-ups on your website, you collected permission and opt-ins from those interested in hearing from your brand. You have their information… so, what’s next?

Now is the time to begin nurturing those who opted in to your marketing texts, starting with a welcome message from your text marketing program.

What’s a welcome message?

Like email marketing, you’ll want to send a welcome note to those who freshly joined your SMS marketing list. Welcome messages are important not only because it’s your first impression for new customers, but it’s also a strategic place to help you reach your conversion and sales goals. In fact, your welcome message is only the first touchpoint in your customer’s journey across your brand. Make the most of it by driving value and engagement with both prospective and existing customers alike.

To help you get started, here are the top must-copy templates to welcome new SMS subscribers.

1. Verify that users successfully opted into your SMS marketing program

First and foremost, you’ll want to reinforce to new subscribers that they successfully entered your SMS marketing list. A website visitor or sweepstakes entrant just made an effort to provide their information through a sign up form. Be sure to acknowledge their efforts and confirm their subscription.

💬 “[Your brand]: Thanks for subscribing to [your brand’s name]! We’re excited to have you join the family.” (~100 characters)

💬 “[Your brand]: We’re so glad you’re here! You’ve successfully subscribed to receive automated personalized messages from [your brand name].” (~140 characters)

2. Be clear about the purpose of your communications

Your welcome message is a great time to begin building your rapport with prospective customers. You may have used a text message channel for transactional notifications, such as order confirmations or shipment updates. For your marketing, you’ll also want to be upfront about the type of content and number of messages they’ll receive from you. This will leave no surprises for anyone who opts in to your SMS marketing program.

💬 “[Your brand] Hooray! Welcome to our [your brand’s name] family! We’ll hand-deliver early access to promos, new arrivals, + more!” (~130 characters)

💬 “[Your brand] Hiya! We’re so excited you’ve joined us! You’ll be the first to know about the latest sales and collections! (~120 characters)

3. Deliver an onboarding welcome promotion

If you broadcast a welcome offer for joining your SMS marketing list via your website, landing page, or pop-up, follow through with the offer in your text message. Your offer could be a limited-time discount or a general welcome promotion code.

💬 “[Your brand]: You made the right move–you’re a [your brand name] loyalist now! Enjoy 20% off your first order with code ‘WELCOME20’ at check out.” (~150 characters)

💬 “[Your brand]: Welcome! Only treats, and no tricks for you here! Use TREAT4U100 for $100 credit towards your first order.” (~120 characters)

4. Encourage users to explore other parts of your website, products, or social content

Not all messages need to be centered around discounts and promotions. Your welcome message is the perfect place to turn prospective customers to discover other destinations and areas of your brand. Prompt results with the right call-to-action. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, lead subscribers to visit your homepage. Or, if your goal is to increase sales on a specific product, include that link in your message.

💬 “[Your brand] Yay! We’re text official. You’re in-the-know for exclusive deals & updates. For now, browse the latest on our website: [your–trackable– website URL].” (~160 Characters)

5. Mix and match your messages

Your initial message can absolutely hit multiple objectives. Combine your initial welcome note with another call-to-action, discount code, or all of the above! At the end of the day, the text message is also for the benefit of your business. Craft a message that best suits your needs.

💬 “[Your brand]: Hi VIP! Stay tuned for exclusive deals & updates. As a welcome, use YOUREIN15 for 15% off our latest product line: [your-trackable website URL].” (~160 Characters)