How SMS Marketing Can Help You Overcome Your Customers' Email Fatigue

SMS Marketing Jun 8, 2020

Your typical email communications strategy alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Is it even possible for companies to cut through the noise and reach their customers without breaking their budget? Yes, it is!

Also known as text message marketing, SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a simple and powerful tool that brands are utilizing more than ever in the wake of the global pandemic to communicate with receptive customers. When done right, SMS marketing is incredibly impactful – it’s proven to have much higher open rates than email, is more positively received by customers, and shows immediate results.

Simple, but super effective

One of the advantages of SMS is the availability of the audience. The numbers don’t lie! Studies show that, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text message. Meanwhile, it takes over 90 minutes for someone to respond to email. Your customers’ attention is likely on their phones and as they regularly carry their phones with them, making SMS a very reliable way to reach them. Even when email is available on their mobile device, not everyone regularly checks their inbox given how noisy it is and may not even respond.

Preferred by customers

While text messaging has been around as a marketing channel for the last decade, there also has been an exponential rise in the adoption of smartphones and messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Slack, and Snapchat to name a few. Now that messaging platforms and comprehensive carrier plans are more widely available, text messaging has become more accepted as an engagement channel between businesses and customers.

The key to successful communications and positive engagement is allowing customers to feel as if they can regulate the messages they receive from businesses. More than 75% of consumers say they prefer to receive promotions via text messages than seeing ads while browsing the internet and social media channels. SMS marketing tends to be less intrusive than email and other paid social ads because customers must deliberately consent to receive texts.

Protected channel

More and more customers expect brands to engage with them directly and personally, and SMS would naturally facilitate the high-touch, targeted experience customers want. Over 65% of the world regularly uses text messaging, yet only about 40% of marketers use SMS. So, why haven’t companies broadly adopted text messaging like email?

One of the main hurdles is compliance as many more strict regulations protect SMS compared to email. For instance, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), businesses may not call or send a text message without the party’s prior consent. Violations from the FCC can be as high as $1,500 per willful violation and under TCPA, each text message violation constitutes a separate violation. If companies aren’t careful, penalties stack up fast. With that, however, these compliance laws have also safeguarded SMS-based channels from becoming diluted and abused. When rightly done, SMS is one of the most opportune and effective ways to put your message directly in front of your customers.

Rich with opportunity

It’s a wonder text message marketing hasn’t had the same traction as email. As customer behaviors and expectations align with the increasing accessibility of messaging providers, the greatest challenge for brands today is to find ways to accelerate their mobile audience growth while working within stringent opt-in and legal parameters. There hasn’t been an efficient and swift way to acquire compliant subscribers at scale until now.

DojoMojo has been a leader in first-party data acquisition and brand partnerships for years, where brands attract and build their customer base through its keystone partnership giveaway network. In introducing proprietary mobile messaging solutions, DojoMojo marries upper-funnel audience acquisition with lower-funnel benefits of mobile messaging to create a cohesive and true end-to-end conversion flywheel. Brands are empowered to round out their acquisition efforts with timely and direct messages to customers. Not only do they improve overall engagement rates, but brands utilizing DojoMojo’s SMS offerings augment their results and see an average of 8 times return on their advertising spend (ROAS).

Don’t miss the chance to reach your customers; better yet, don’t pass up your opportunity to drive conversions and win customers. By understanding the benefits of SMS messaging and weaving mobile messaging into your acquisition efforts, your brand is better positioned to hone in your customer engagement and undoubtedly help grow your business.

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