How to Use Packaging Inserts to Delight Customers and Maximize Sales

Packaging Inserts Nov 22, 2017

Expectations are a tough thing to manage. They’re personal and thus, vary widely. In the case of the customer, expectations can oscillate between ‘Show me the merch shop!’ and ‘How do I erase my account from existence?’ There’s so much to be gained and so much to be lost with each package sent. However, there is a way to calm the tide.

Consider the packaging insert. Think of it as a small, low-cost token of appreciation with the possibility of enormous returns in sales.

The Power of the Packaging Insert

  • Every order could use a little cushion. Whether everything goes as planned from order to delivery or there were some bumps in the road (i.e. lost packages, late packages…overall postal problems), a little sweetener couldn’t hurt. A small unexpected gift will give your customers a little pep in their step and possibly encourage them to leave a good review or start filling their shopping carts for their next order.
  • The cost of a packaging insert is pennies in comparison to the potential return. Think of it as an investment in your relationship with your customers.
  • Your packaging insert can be highly targeted to each specific customer’s interest. After all, you did fulfill their order. You have the potential to vary your inserts and tailor them based on each customer’s products. Everyone loves a custom job.
  • There’s an opportunity to cross-sell with other brands that sell compatible products with yours. Slip them a couple of your inserts to put in their packages and offer to put their inserts in yours. Insert Swaps is a great way to expand your customer base and customers tend to appreciate brands that curate their products. But remember, curation is key, so keep it compatible. You can always use DojoMojo’s Opportunities section to find other brands to swap inserts with. Simply browse Opportunities or search for brands that are interested in swapping packaging inserts.
  • Looking to liquidate merchandise? This is your moment to seize the day. Take your dusty merchandise and use it as a way to build a relationship with your customers.
  • Ultimately, the packaging insert is a way to show your customers that there’s a human behind the brand. Just in the way you bring a housewarming gift to the hostess who invited you, the packaging insert is a way to say, “Thank you for trying us out.” The power of reciprocity will take your far.

The Packaging Insert Guide

Not sure what type of insert to include? Here are a few different options you should consider when planning your next box insert.


Everyone loves a discount. Small things like free shipping, a credit or a small percentage off their next order can really tip the scales when a customer is thinking about trying out a competitor. It can also give them an excuse to make another purchase just because.

Product Samples

Samples are a great way to go when selling beauty products or products that are a recurring purchase for customers. Brands like Sephora and Rescue Spa have made the samples a large part of why customers shop with them rather than other beauty retailers. The samples allow customers to explore new products and act as a kind of cherry on top of their purchase.

Small Gifts

Call it swag, marketing merch or whatever you like—people love gifts. Branded trinkets that compliment your brand are always a great way to gain customer appreciation. Gifts are also an opportunity for Instagrammable customer moments. People love to share that they’ve been treated well by a company, so why not let them plant the seed for you?

Handwritten "Thank You" Notes

It’s the oldest tradition in the book, yet it often goes neglected: the "thank you" card. In the digital age of one-letter texts and 140 character limits, handwritten thank you notes are a way to set your brand apart from the rest. Sometimes it takes going back to the basics to give the dose of sincerity that many brands lack.