How to Set Up an Optimized Drip Campaign for Your Subscribers

Email Marketing Aug 28, 2017

What's a drip campaign?

An email drip campaign is a series of emails designed to build a relationship with subscribers and convert them into an engaged audience. Drips are also a powerful marketing tool to immediately engage and activate email leads. We'll walk you through building an email drip campaign that will turn email leads into dedicated users of your product.First you'll want to integrate with your ESP. An ESP integration allows DojoMojo to send new email addresses directly to your ESP. This lets you reach your audience quicker, and time is of the essence. Reaching users as soon as they enter your giveaway keeps your brand top of mind for new subscribers. This leads to increased open rates and creates a foundation for a relationship with new subscribers.So what does an email drip look like? We recommend that you set up a 4-5 email campaign in your ESP that is triggered once a new subscriber joins your list. These run in chronological order and are spread out across a couple of weeks. Below you'll find a sample drip structure. If your content remains relevant to your brand you can re-use this drip for future giveaways.

Emails to include in a drip

Email #1: Welcome Email

  • Trigger: Send immediately after the user joins the email list.
  • Sample subject line: GIVEAWAY CONFIRMATION: Begin Your Journey
  • Content: This email should remind the user how they joined your email list. Product images work well in this email.
  • DO build trust with your reader. Incentivize them to start a free trial, read an article, or interact with your website, etc.
  • DON'T ask them to spend money yet. You need to show some value before making an ask.

Email #2: Reminder/Value Email

  • Trigger: Send 3 days after the previous email.
  • Sample subject line: healthy smoothie to start your day
  • Content: Provide the reader with value (an article, recipe, video, something they would find interesting or entertaining).
  • DO: Incentivize them to further interact with your site through a promotional offer. Try listing some of the benefits of your product or showing how it can impact consumer's daily life.

Tyler Sprunk, CMO at Simple Strat gave us this information about offering value in your drip: "Whenever you onboard new email leads, you want to offer them value right away without asking for much in return. Providing your new leads with something like a good piece of educational content can help you build trust and credibility, determine how interested the lead is in what you have to offer, and ensure that they'll keep opening your emails in the future."

Email #3: Reminder Email

  • Trigger: Send 3 days after the previous email in the series.
  • Sample subject line: an offer for you, {name}
  • Content: Make it personal - send it from CEO to personalize the message. Use merge fields to customize the text so that you include the reader's first name, which you'll have from the entry form.
  • DO: Remind the reader about your product/service. Incentivize them to further interact with your website (read an article, watch a video, etc).
  • DON'T: Push too hard. You're reminding and incentivizing but you're still providing value- not just trying to get the sale.

Email #4: Value Content Email

  • Trigger: Send 3 days after the previous email in the series.
  • Sample subject line: 5 vitamins to improve your life
  • Content: This message should remind the reader about your product/service and provide the reader with some type of value, like with an informative piece of content like a blog post or article.
  • DO: Tee up the sale. This reduces email churn and builds your reliability as a source of information. You want them to stay engaged with your list, so that they will make a purchasing decision later.

Andrew Warner, founder of Content Ranked said "One of the best ways I've used to drive sales is by using mini-case studies in emails. I use those to tell a success story of how someone (who was once in their boat) managed to have success with whatever product/service I was providing."

Email #5: Reminder/Final Offer Email

  • Trigger: Send 3 days after the previous email in the series.
  • Sample subject line: 5 reasons you’re not losing weight
  • Content: This email serves the same function as Email #4. It’s important to continue providing valuable content to the user to become a trustworthy source of information.
  • DO: Make your offer shine. This is the final welcome email, so offer them one last incentive to buy your product or service.

That's it! You can now transition the reader to your normal marketing messages. For maximum success, keep your drip fresh by regularly updating your imagery and content. Use analytics to determine which emails are working best for you, and apply those learnings to optimize your drip.Want to learn more about building a solid drip campaign? We can help! Contact