13 Key Terms Every New Marketer Should Definitely Be Familiar With

Marketing Apr 19, 2017

Ever been too embarrassed to ask what a certain word or acronym meant? Don't worry, we won't tell. This helpful guide provides the definitions to some common terms that any marketer regularly comes across. Are we missing a term you'd like to know the definition for? Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and we will update this post with new terms.

  1. Acquisition Cost: The cost to generate one lead/subscriber/customer in a campaign. It can be calculated by dividing the total cost of the campaign by the number of leads it produced.
  2. Tracking Links: These links let your brand know how much traffic each of your dedicated posts are driving towards the sweeps landing page.
  3. Call to Action (CTA): A link that allows the lead to take an action, most commonly to buy or subscribe.
  4. CPO (Clicks Per Open): The percentage of lead clicks divided by the number of opens.
  5. DNS Forwarding: Redirecting from one domain to another. This could be a specific page on your site forwarding to another site not connected to your own.
  6. Sub-Domain: A variation of your homepage. For example “giveaways.dojomojo.ninja.” the “giveaways” signifies that it is a sub-domain.
  7. CPM (Cost per Impressions): Cost to acquire 1,000 The less the cost the better.
  8. Conversion Rate: Percentage of responses to your call to action. This is an important measure of the campaign success.
  9. Drip Campaigns: A set of emails that are sent out on schedule, mostly starting with a welcome email for new leads.
  10. Distribution List: A list comprised of opt-in subscribers that you use for marketing efforts.
  11. Landing Page: A capture page that leads are directed to after clicking a link in an email.
  12. Open Rate: The percentage of email subscribers who open your email. Open Rate is a key metric to measure the success of a campaign and the engagement of an email list.
  13. Post-Entry Page: After a visitor to a sweepstakes landing page enters into the sweeps, they are shown the post-entry page, which the host brand can customize to draw clicks to their website or show an advertisement.