3 Steps to Creating a Strong Dedicated Email

Dedicated Emails May 24, 2017

A dedicated email is an email that promotes your giveaway campaign to your email distribution list. It's called a dedicated email because the subject line and body of the email are entirely "dedicated" to the giveaway.

This is perhaps the most common way to promote any campaign. Consisting of a large image that should resemble the  hyperlinked with the appropriate Tracking Link, a dedicated email is an effective way to generate entries for your campaign.

Here are three steps to make sure you're setting up a great dedicated email.

1. Write a compelling subject line

You'll need to write a subject line that is relatable to your audience, entices them to open the email and enter the giveaway. We suggest including adjectives like "ultimate" or "amazing." You should also highlight the prizing. For example, "Win an Ultimate Trip Week in Maui!"

2. Access your creative assets

Your creative assets are the images that the host creates to promote the campaign. These images are usually the featured content of an email or a post on your social accounts.

If you're the host, you'll need to design and share creative assets. Use the same imagery as the landing page to create graphics that entice people to enter your giveaway. Make sure that the image is readable and looks good on mobile as well as desktop.

Hosts usually create many different sizes so that the same image can be used in emails as well as social promotions. If you require a specific image size or format, be sure to communicate with the host. If the host doesn't send you creative assets, check the Assets tab of the Campaign Builder.

The email needs to be linked using a Tracking Link, or else no one will be able to access the landing page and enter the giveaway.

Example of a complete dedicated email: