Feature Alert: Campaign Builder Now Allows You to Share Files and Images on the DojoMojo Platform

Brand Partnerships May 16, 2017

Any successful campaign requires communication between each partner. Media plans, graphics, and other files all needed to be shared between partners, all of which used to result in long email chains and searching through inboxes for the files you needed.

Those days are thankfully in the past, because now anyone can attach and share files through the Campaign Builder. Save your team time and effort with easily accessible files available to any partner on the campaign.

To attach a file and share it with the rest of your partners, navigate to the Campaign Builder and click over to the Asset tab. If you're the host or in charge of creating graphics or images for the campaign, you can easily upload any file to this tab of the Campaign Builder.

If you're a partner brand, you have access to any uploaded files on the same tab. You can view file name, size, and type, so you can access the exact files you need, without hunting through any lengthy email chains.

Visit the Campaign Builder to see this awesome new tool that can save your whole team time and make sure everyone on your campaign has every asset and file that they need.