Why SmartTarget and AutoScrub Are Essential to Your SMS Strategy

SMS Marketing Feb 24, 2021

SMS is a powerful tool for brands. Having a direct line of communication with your customers and prospective leads allows you to engage in personalized, concise messaging that can serve not only to nurture leads, but also to do everything from drive up conversions, help recover lost sales through retargeting, and roll out important brand updates to your customers.

The downside to working with SMS, however, is that it can be an expensive tool to use incorrectly. Luckily, we at DojoMojo care about a lot more than just helping you establish and execute on an SMS marketing strategy; we actually want you to get the most out of that strategy. That’s exactly why we’ve launched two new features — SmartTarget and AutoScrub — to help guide your approach to SMS and make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your SMS budget.

What’s SmartTarget?

Not every text blast is going to be the right fit for every person in your audience. Maybe you’re trying to reach people in a particular location, or maybe you’re looking to send a message to only your repeat customers; either way, our AI-enabled SmartTarget feature uses machine learning to enable and optimize situation-specific segmentation that allows you to cater messaging to unique segments within your audience.

SmartTarget works by analyzing your list of SMS contacts and assessing the likelihood that they will interact with marketing campaigns and make a purchase in the future based on their track record. From there, it automatically puts your high-intent prospects in a list so that you can specifically target them with your SMS marketing efforts and improve your ROI every time.

What’s AutoScrub?

Racking up the phone numbers is all well and good, unless your very long list of contacts is also very unengaged. While DojoMojo aims to help increase the speed and volume of lead acquisition, we also want to help make sure that the people you’re adding to your audience offer quality, not just quantity.

AutoScrub helps ensure that by analyzing your SMS audience and automatically filtering high-risk and under-engaged contacts from your list. The same way you might clean your email list from time to time in order to remove inactive and unengaged users, AutoScrub streamlines that process when it comes to your SMS leads acquired through DojoMojo. This helps your brand maintain a healthy, active audience that offers the greatest return on your SMS spend.

How do these features optimize your brand’s overall SMS strategy?

Because SMS marketing calls for brands to pay per message sent — unlike, say, a paid ad where your spend is based on a cost-per-click model — it’s especially important for marketers to gauge the potential ROI on their SMS spend before they blast a bunch of leads with texts and hope for the best (which tends to be the way it works with lots of SMS marketing platforms).

With SmartTarget and AutoScrub, DojoMojo allows marketers to do just that by creating an automated system for qualifying leads before you spend — and, more importantly, before you waste — your marketing dollars on dead-end outreach with little return to show for it. These features help keep your SMS contact list clean and active, while also making sure that every dollar spent on sending text messages to users has a high likelihood of generating engagement and driving conversions for your brand.

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