Feature Alert: Connect With Brands Over DojoMojo Messaging

Direct Messaging Sep 30, 2016

Setting up and executing a sweepstakes campaign takes lots of organization and communication. Every step of the campaign process, from reaching out to partners to discussing prizing payouts, involves significant back and forth between partners. Before MojoMail, this meant countless email chains that filled marketers’ already packed email boxes. Searching for the right contacts, digging for information in an old conversation and sharing creative assets to promote a campaign - the entire process has been entirely inefficient, until now. MojoMail takes all the work out of communication and makes it easier than ever to plan sweepstakes campaigns.

Here are some of the ways Messaging is making it easier than ever for our users to launch and coordinate sweepstakes campaigns.

Ensure that your message is read by the right person at each brand.

Planning a sweepstakes campaign used to mean hours on LinkedIn, searching to find the right contact at the brand you wanted to partner with. With MojoMail, you know that your message is going to the right person. Don’t waste time searching. Try Messaging to connect directly to the brands you want to partner with.

Reply to messages via email.

With the ability to reply to messages via email, there is now no easier way to communicate with your partners. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, MojoMail is there for you. Don’t miss anything while you’re planning your next campaign.

Attach creative files and coordinate media plans.

Centralize your communications by sending creative assets and media plans over Messaging. Remove clutter from your inbox by storing your creative assets on DojoMojo. Reach all your partners easily by using Messaging to coordinate your promotional schedule and design needs.

Keep all your messages in one convenient place.

We all know how annoying it can be to dig through your inbox to find an old email or look up an old attachment. Messaging saves all of your sweepstakes conversations in one convenient location. Your conversations are organized by brand, so you can go back and see your old conversations to find important planning details.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Basic plan users are limited to starting just 5 conversations.
  • Essential plan users are limited to starting just 25 conversations per month.
  • Premium Plan users can start an unlimited number of conversations.
  • Unleash the power of Messaging by upgrading today so you can truly take advantage of our partner network of over 1,000 brands!