Case Study: YENSA Doubles Down on Holiday Sales Momentum with SMS

Customer Stories Feb 16, 2021


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YENSA is a global cosmetic brand that combines the power of superfoods with proven Asian beauty rituals to create high-performance products that promote a healthy complexion and celebrate diversity.

The Challenge: Doubling Down on Holiday Sales Momentum

Many brands see sales momentum slow down as the holiday season winds to a close, which is often a combination of reduced interest from consumers after a period of heavy shopping/spending, as well as limited bandwidth for brands as far as putting together last-minute marketing pushes — or, maybe in this case, nudges — to get a few more sales before closing out the year.

The Solution: Leveraging Direct Power of SMS Marketing to Drive Conversions

YENSA was able to take advantage of SMS Marketing as a direct, easy-to-execute marketing strategy in the quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s to drive customers to the site for one last bit of holiday shopping. The messaging of the campaign used language that created urgency while delivering the campaign in a friendly way.

In this particular case, SMS may have been especially valuable because of the nature of people’s schedules and habits during the last few weeks of the year. Namely, people tend to be more disconnected from their emails, which makes a direct mode of communication like SMS the perfect way to reach consumers around the holidays.

The Results: Driving Over 20 Conversions Through the "Last Chance Holiday Shop" SMS Campaign

YENSA saw an impressive return on their “Last Chance Holiday Shop” SMS campaign, which drove a total of 23 conversions.

The goal was to remind customers of the sale so that they could get some last-minute deals, if needed,” says Ashley Reuben, YENSA’s Social Media & Marketing Manager.

The performance of the campaign supports that the immediate, timely delivery of the marketing message achieved the desired effect and encouraged new buyers to make their seasonal purchases.